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Our class structure is designed to take you and your precious body through it’s full range of movement and it’s full expression of movement over a period of time.  Each week classes have a different theme, we may be working on backbends one week, forward bends the next, standing postures the next and so on.  The practices of chanting, mudra and pranayama are practiced in every class and are also changed weekly, though we may work with specific practices over a longer period of time in order to integrate them fully.  When we practice in this way, we allow ourselves to experience the full range of what yoga has to offer.  Please contact me if you are not sure which class is right for you, and we strongly encourage those new to yoga to first complete our Yoga for Beginners Course or come and see Jo for a private yoga lesson before attending general classes.

General Class – We begin with regenerative practices, moving with mindfulness ease and strength, to bring us into our bodies, nourishing joints, muscles and bones, and then move into pranayama and meditative practices, to calm the mind and body, to regulate and balance the nervous and endocrine systems.  Followed with a deep savasana to restore and reintegrate ourselves on all levels.  Students love Wednesday night class, it’s 75 minutes of bliss.  Suitable for all levels of experienced yoginis and yogis, and those new to yoga who are in good physical health.

Friday am class – A class designed for older bodies and those looking for a more gentle practice.  We move through the weeks focus practices with mindfulness and ease. Suitable for all levels.

Restorative Yoga – In this beautiful session we practice  sequences of poses to rejuvenate, renew and restore our selves, body, mind & spirit.  The poses are held for longer than in a general yoga class, and we support our bodies with blankets, bolsters, cushions and blocks.  Restorative yoga is divine, deeply relaxing and it will leave you feeling fantastic.  It is incredibly soothing to the nervous system, it has been shown to decrease cortisol (the stress hormone) & decrease blood sugar levels.  Bring balance and harmony to your body with a specialised restorative yoga practice.

Private Yoga – Jo offers private yoga classes in Restorative Yoga and Yoga for beginners, please see our private yoga page for more details.

“I was instantly hooked on Yoga after starting Yoga classes with Jo 18 months ago and now I practice yoga nearly every day.  Yoga has enabled me to manage my energy levels by doing a few simple Yoga Asanas (postures).  The benefits for me have been surprising considering I only started class to improve my flexibility.  These benefits have been increased energy, feeling more relaxed and  more able to let go of the mind chatter, feeling focused and grounded which has enabled me increased clarity in my daily life .  And yes I am much more flexible!  I really notice the difference if I can’t do Yoga for day or two.” – Lisa Sinclair

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