Healing Clinic for Women

Free Healing Clinic for Women

You are warmly welcome to come and see Jo for a reflexology, sole healing, yoga, meditation or deep relaxation session.  It’s your choice, simply let me know which treatment/session you would like when you book in, and i’ts okay to change your mind on the day too.

I am deeply passionate about women’s health, and in particular supporting women in their journeys through illness and grief.  It is my great pleasure to offer you a little bit of comfort, a little bit of peace and nurturing just for you at this time in your life. 

Kia ora Wāhine ataahua, aroha mai, I am not offering the clinic in 2019 as I am studying this year.  I will update this page when the Wāhine healing clinic starts again, please join our FB page or sign up for our newsletter to be kept updated. (links for both at the bottom of the page). 

What happens at a reflexology treatment session.

At a treatment session, you will  get just that, a total treat for body, mind, spirit, and of course your feet.   Either lying on a massage table, or semi-reclined in one of our comfy zero gravity chairs, you remain fully clothed, the only thing bare is your gorgeous feet.  Before the session starts we will discuss your health and you can let me know if there are specific areas you would like worked on more deeply, or if you are here for pure relaxation.  I use a combination of powders, oils and balms on your feet during the session, and all you have to do is close your eyes and let go.  Our feet love the attention they get during reflexology, and they and you will leave feeling refreshed, energised and completely, deliciously relaxed.  Sessions are one hour.

What happens at a Yoga or Meditation session

This is absolutely your choice and will be tailor made to meet your needs.

Jo specialises in restorative yoga and can take you through a yoga practice that is nourishing, restful and deeply relaxing.

Or you may choose to do a meditation session, or a guided deep relaxation practice, or learn yogic chants that work on a deep cellular level.

Yoga is a wonderful way to unwind the body and mind, it works deeply with the nervous system, and you will leave feeling relaxed, restored and renewed.  Sessions are one hour.

“I came away feeling very relaxed and would recommend Jo to anybody wishing to have a treatment.”

I love how energising reflexology is.  It is nice to drop into a deep space of relaxation where healing can take place.” 

“A lovely experience, one hour of bliss” 

“Jo gives a deeply relaxing reflexology when feels so wonderful and restores me.  It has been helping through very stressful times.”

“My reflexology session with Jo was deeply relaxing and insightful.  Jo shared her wisdom in a way that inspired me to nuture myself more as she explained the direct connection with my overall wellbeing was being expressed in my feet. 

I realized that what I thought were days in the wrong shoes and the way my feet were was me going over old outdated ground and my feet were showing it!!

 I loved having this new knowledge and used my feet as a barometer and over the last 3 months have taken more care of myself as a result and today I see visible changes.

Thanks Jo my feet are feeling new life has been breathed into them.


Every act of the body is an act of the soul ” – William Alf

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