60 minute easy Yoga practice

Hi lovely yogis and yoginis, as I am no longer teaching so many public classes, I thought I would pop up this wee all levels video I did, so you can have a simple go to practice for at home.

Please note this is not a professional video, just me and Lester in my home studio, practicing making a video.  It cuts off a little bit at the beginning and the end (be prepared for only 2 oms at the end, sorry!  The audio in the relaxation is not great (I start speaking really quietly) and you have to manually take it back to the beginning, the video will start somewhere in the middle when you first click play?  I definitely need some help in the technical department!

After all that! It is still a great general practice for you to do at home, not too hard, only holding each pose for a short while.

If you have come across this video and are new to yoga please check in with your GP before beginning this or any exercise programme, modify or skip any poses where needed and take things at your own pace. 

If you have osteoporosis, please do not bring the chin toward the chest (this instruction is in a couple of the poses) and please skip any forward bending postures, simply sit comfortably, observing your breath until the next posture begins.

Coming to yoga is one of the highlights of my week.  I love it! Jo is such an enthusiastic teacher who inspires us all to work harder while still able to enjoy the process and have fun.  I like how she takes into consideration the different ages and bodies (and their weaknesses or disabilities) of her students.  She is able to adapt or give alternatives that work for the individual within her class.  I’m always recommending yoga and especially Jo to my friends and family.

Jo Huriwai

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