About me & Yoga

Six years ago I was introduced to yoga, I’m not sure if I found yoga or yoga found me, but it has become a huge part of my life journey.

It was inevitable that our paths would eventually cross, as I was always aware of something more meaningful and deeper than just the world I was seeing through my eyes, I just didn’t know what it was.

I’ve lived a lot of life, played a lot of sports, lifted a lot  of weights, and pushed my mind and body to the extremes. My work has always involved organising, scheduling, meeting deadlines, 24/7, go, go, go. It couldn’t last, it wasn’t living, more just surviving one day to the next. I needed to breathe, I needed time out, but how? I didn’t have the answer, but my mind and body did.

My life had been cracking along at breakneck speed, which inevitably resulted in a major meltdown. My mind and body had said enough is enough. The next chain of events would bring me to yoga and into the present, where it has indeed transformed my life and the person that I am now yet always was.

After the first few classes I was hooked, with a  yearning to know more. What was yoga?, its purpose?, the benefits? Would I ever touch my toes, and why haven’t we tried to put our foot behind our head yet?. Through reading, listening, googling, and being on my mat I have found the answers, not all of them, but enough to know that there is something really special about the benefits of yoga, and yes I can now touch my toes with ease, and no its not about putting your foot behind your ear. My life now has a deepness in appreciation, love, purpose and meaning.

The most profound effect that yoga has brought into my life happened after a few months of performing asana (yoga postures) at least once a week and yoga nidra (a form of meditation). My being began to be influenced by my experiences on the mat. The settling in of the breath at the start of each class now precedes each new activity and action of my day. With a deep inhalation and exhalation my breath grounds and settles me into action, I clear my mind ready to focus on the task, and feel the beauty of the process at hand. The solidity, and strength of the standing asanas, Tadasana, transend into my day, connecting me with the earth, the stability of my leadership and confidence.  The endurance and power of the warrior poses, showing in my determination and conviction to complete a task, to stand by my decisions.  Balancing asana, being level headed and focused to do things well and to stay aware.  The close of class, the relaxation, in my day taking a breath, reflecting, and assimilating all that I have done and been a part of, and yoga nidra completes the amazing process. A powerfully internal personalised meditation where the being and existence I desire is brought to life.

I have my good days and I have my bad days, as we all do, but I now have a balance and solidity to cope, enjoy and breathe.

I feel a love I have never felt before, I see a beautiful world I had never laid eyes on, I feel a happiness and appreciaton of all that is, and I am aware of my actions, spoken word, and my presence.

For me yoga hasn’t changed my being, but rather, it has enriched who I already am.



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